Helmets: Not just the law, a good idea

All fifty states now require every motorcyclist to wear a helmet when riding. This seems like it should be common sense, as a human head hitting the pavement at 30 mph or faster with no protection can mean the end of your motorcycle adventures… permanently! Your Collierville, TN friends at Brock and Poole Insurance Agency want to remind you of this simple way to keep yourself safe on the road.

Why a Helmet?

You may be the most careful motorcyclist on the road. We do not doubt that, but the fact is that when thousands of motorcycles get on the road with millions of cars and trucks of all sizes, you are the smallest and most vulnerable thing on the road. Defensive driving is the order of the day when you’re on a motorcycle. Make sure that you give larger vehicles a respectful berth and don’t try to zip past them – as tempting as it is and as attractive as it looks in movies. Movie motorcyclists are trained, licensed stunt performers; even then, some nasty and fatal injuries can happen.

Helmets Are Made To Keep Your Head Safe

Motorcyclists will often grumble about their helmets – after all, don’t you ride a bike to feel the wind in your hair? But if you search “motorcycle helmet damage” on the internet, you’ll quickly see pictures of helmets damaged or split apart by impact with the road that saved their riders’ lives. You want to wear a helmet because a concussion will heal over time, but death is quite a bit more challenging to overcome.

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