Customizing Your Boat Insurance Policy

When you purchase boat insurance from Brock and Poole Insurance Agency to keep your watercraft safer on the waters around Collierville, TN, you can customize it in many ways to offer added financial protection. This blog covers the riders and add-ons you can include in your boat policy.

Other Watercrafts

Let us help you add all of your watercraft to one boat policy. You might think only of your motorboat, but one policy can also protect any jet skis, kayaks, canoes, Seadoos, or other watercraft you own. We’ll help you list all items on your policy, so they enjoy the coverage.

Riders and Add-ons

Most boat policies start as liability coverage that protects your finances if you cause an accident on the water. You can add extra coverage to the basic policy that you would to cover a car or truck:

  • collision
  • comprehensive
  • personal injury protection
  • medical

You can’t add roadside assistance to your boat policy, but you do have many riders available.

Scheduled property riders probably top the list of riders our customers like to add to their boat policies. When you add a scheduled property, such as your radar system, the insurance policy covers it with replacement value coverage. That means the insurance company pays you the cost of a new radar system if it gets damaged or stolen.

You can add anything installed to or used on your boat to your scheduled property list. That includes any computers you use on the boat, the kitchen appliances in your galley, and the furniture.

Contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency

Contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency for more information on customizing your boat policy. Let us help you protect your financial investment in your watercraft while on the waters of Collierville, TN.