Protecting Your High-End Motorcycle

If you own a high-end motorcycle in Collierville, TN, you may wonder if a regular motorcycle insurance policy will give you the protection you need to insure your bike adequately, but it may not. You may need to consider additional provisions to ensure your bike’s structure and safety are adequately insured. Brock and Poole Insurance Agency can provide you with the correct information on what you need to insure that shiny new bike.

The High-End Motorcycle Difference

Standard motorcycle insurance is similar to auto insurance because your premiums will vary according to the bike you purchase. Cruiser bikes are usually larger and have higher horsepower. To adequately protect your motorcycle, you should consider getting the most coverage you can afford for collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorists. The more expensive your bike, the more expensive it will be to repair or replace it if you are in an accident or if another mishap damages it when you are not using it. Buying a higher amount of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is also a good idea, as this portion of your policy will pay for repairs if a motorist with inadequate insurance or none at all is at fault in an accident that damages your motorcycle.

Other Considerations for Coverage

Larger, high-end bikes frequently have the ability to carry a passenger. If you will ride frequently with a passenger, consider getting medical coverage for passengers. Without such coverage, your passenger could sue you if they sustain catastrophic injuries in a collision.

If your bike has customized parts, a regular insurance policy won’t cover damage to those areas. Consider adding an endorsement that describes the customizations.

To learn more about protecting your high-end motorcycle best, schedule an appointment with Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, serving residents of Collierville, TN.

Renter’s Insurance 101: What Collierville, TN Residents Need to Stay Safe

A renter’s worst nightmare is coming home from a long day at work or a night on the town to discover that their home has been burglarized. Learn how Collierville, TX residents stay safer with renters insurance tips from Brock and Poole Insurance Agency. 

Renters Insurance 101: Staying Safer in Collierville, TN

Many renters make the mistake of taking steps like installing a home security system or starting a renters insurance policy after their rental home or apartment has been burglarized. Savvy renters understand the value of their belongings and take proactive steps to shield their valuables from theft, burglary, or natural disasters with comprehensive renters insurance. 

Key Components

#1. Personal Property Coverage 

One of the primary benefits of a comprehensive renters insurance policy is personal property coverage. This life-saving insurance coverage can protect belongings like furniture, clothing, jewelry, electronics, laptops, and other valuables in your rental home. 

#2. Liability Insurance Protection 

Selecting a renter’s insurance policy with built-in liability protection can help shield your finances and wallet in case a guest is injured while visiting your property. Liability insurance can also protect you if you accidentally damage someone else’s property while away from home. 

#3. Additional Living Expenses

If your rental unit becomes temporarily uninhabitable, your renter’s insurance policy can help cover additional living expenses, including temporary housing and meals, until you can safely return to your unit. 

Get Renters Insurance Near You 

Be proactive – don’t wait until the unexpected happens and it is too late to protect your favorite electronics and valuables. Reach out to a knowledgeable and friendly renter’s insurance agent at Brock and Poole Insurance Agency in Collierville, TN, and get started on a quote today! 

What’s the Difference Between Umbrella Coverage and Excess Liability Insurance?

Many Collierville, TN insurance agencies use the terms umbrella coverage and excess liability coverage interchangeably. However, there is one important difference between these two policies.

Excess Liability Insurance

Excess liability insurance increases the limit of one or more underlying insurance policies. If, for instance, your liability policy has a $1 million limit, but you need more compensation than this sum, excess liability insurance will kick in and meet your needs. However, this type of insurance won’t cover anything that isn’t already covered to some extent by an existing policy. Some excess liability policies have narrower coverage options than a general insurance policy. You’ll want to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure they don’t leave gaps in your coverage.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance, like excess liability insurance, can increase the compensation limit on one or more policies. At the same time, it can also cover circumstances and situations not covered by your current policies. For example, if your property is damaged by flooding and your flood insurance policy doesn’t cover outdoor structures such as garages or gazebos, your umbrella insurance policy can kick in and provide needed compensation.

Contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency in Collierville, TN for More Information

There are many factors to consider when choosing between umbrella and excess liability insurance. At Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, we take pride in helping people assess the pros and cons of each policy option and pick the one that works best for them. Get in touch with us for more information about our policies or to get a quote on the policy of your choice. 

Is racing covered by motorcycle insurance?

Traditional motorcycle insurance policies do not cover bikes involved in timed events. They sometimes allow owners to ride their motorcycles on racetracks or at instructional events, but motorcycle insurance for racers normally comes through specialty carriers. If you need to sort out your motorcycle insurance coverage and live in or near Collierville, TN, contact our Brock and Poole Insurance Agency team to discuss how to cover yourself and your motorcycle.

Insurance for the Road and Track

Traditional motorcycle insurance is designed for street riders who comply with all relevant traffic laws. Many motorcycle policies have exclusions, meaning the insurance company does not cover damage or liability related to riding recklessly, while committing a crime, or while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. Standard policies also exclude racing from their coverage.

The typical racing exclusion is based on participating in a formal, timed event rather than the location. Many policies cover policyholders who participate in instructional events held at racetracks as long as they do not keep speeds or times.

Those who race motorcycles generally obtain policies from specialty carriers focusing on motorsports or collectible bikes. These insurers offer track-day policies with coverage options related to transporting the bike, damage to your bike, damage to other property, injuries to yourself and others, and numerous other options. Specialty policies are available and require detailed consideration of the options you need and those you qualify for based on your bike, driving record, and other factors.

Insuring Your Motorcycle With Brock and Poole Insurance Agency

If you live in or near Collierville, TN, call our friendly team at the Brock and Poole Insurance Agency at 901-854-9775. We can help with all your motorcycle and other insurance needs. So, call or stop by to see us today.

Working with Brock and Poole Insurance Agency: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

In the heart of our community, a duo of local hometown heroes, Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, is making waves with a mission that resonates with every resident: to ensure that everyone has the insurance coverage they truly need. It’s a daunting statistic that 94% of people have the wrong insurance coverage, often through no fault of their own. This mismatch can lead to unnecessary stress and financial strain in times of crisis. However, Brock and Poole are here to change that narrative, one policy at a time.

Personalized Service with a Community Focus

At Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, it’s not just about selling insurance policies; it’s about building relationships and understanding the unique needs of each individual and family in our community. They pride themselves on being accessible and approachable, qualities that are sometimes lost in the corporate maze of larger insurance firms. With Brock and Poole, you’re not just a policy number; you’re a neighbor, a friend, and a valued member of the community they serve.

The Right Coverage for Peace of Mind

The revelation that 94% of people are navigating life with inadequate insurance coverage is more than a statistic; it’s a wake-up call. Many discover the hard truths about their policies only when it’s too late. Brock and Poole have taken it upon themselves to embark on a mission of education and empowerment. They take the time to analyze your current situation, identify gaps in your coverage, and provide tailored solutions that protect what matters most to you. Whether it’s home, auto, life, or more specialized policies, they’re equipped to guide you to the perfect fit.

A Community-Oriented Approach

Brock and Poole’s commitment extends beyond individual policies. They’re on a mission to foster a well-insured community where everyone can rest easy knowing they’re protected against the unforeseen. Their approach is hands-on and heart-led; they participate in local events, offer educational workshops, and are always looking for ways to give back to the community that supports them.

How They Make a Difference

What sets Brock and Poole apart is their dedication to making insurance understandable and accessible. They demystify the jargon and fine print, making sure you’re informed and confident in your choices. It’s this commitment to transparency and education that has earned them the trust and loyalty of countless local families and businesses.

Join the Movement

Working with Brock and Poole Insurance Agency is more than just securing an insurance policy; it’s joining a movement towards a safer, more secure community. They invite every community member to reach out, whether it’s for a simple question, a policy review, or to start a new coverage journey. Together, we can shift the statistic and ensure that everyone has the right insurance coverage, tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. In a world full of uncertainties, Brock and Poole stand as beacons of hope and reliability. They’re not just insurance agents; they’re your neighbors, dedicated to your well-being and the prosperity of our community. Reach out to Brock and Poole Insurance Agency today, and take the first step towards peace of mind and proper protection.

Renting Your First Apartment? What to Know About Renters Insurance

Understanding the Importance of Renters Insurance

Renting your first apartment in Collierville, TN, comes with the responsibility of making decisions like acquiring renters insurance. At Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, we offer renters insurance and are here to help answer any questions you have.

The Coverage of Renters Insurance

Renters insurance can reimburse you for repairing or replacing your belongings when a covered event occurs, like theft or natural disasters. The policy often extends to cover loss of use, supporting you financially if a covered event renders your apartment uninhabitable.

Not Covered by Your Landlord’s Insurance

Typically, your landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal belongings. If something happens to your apartment, your landlord’s policy will likely pay for apartment repairs but not your possessions. Renters insurance proves invaluable here.

Is Renters Insurance for You?

Contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, servicing Collierville, TN if you’re considering renters insurance. We’re here to help you find the right policy.

Peace of Mind with Renters Insurance

Securing renters insurance allows you to enjoy your rented space with peace of mind, knowing that you’re financially protected in case of unforeseen events. Remember, your landlord’s policy provides coverage for the building, not your belongings or liability. Let us help you make your renting experience worry-free with the right renter’s insurance policy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Need More Coverage? An Umbrella Policy Can Be the Right Choice

Even if you have insurance policies on your house, car, and other significant assets, you might still not have as much coverage as you want or need. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in, and Brock and Poole Insurance Agency can help. If you’re in the Collierville, TN, area and looking for an umbrella policy, our dedicated agents can work with you to find the perfect coverage for your needs. Then, not only will you have good coverage, but you’ll also have additional peace of mind.

An umbrella policy is designed to take over where other policies end in case you have a claim that goes beyond the limits of your auto, home, or other policy. This can protect your assets when a claim is made, keeping you and your family safe from serious future issues. Many people think that only people with high levels of assets need these kinds of policies, but that’s not the case. Umbrella policies can be beneficial as an extra layer of protection for nearly everyone.

When you work with us to find the right coverage for your needs, we’ll get quotes from multiple insurers. Then, we’ll talk to you about the differences in the policies and answer all your questions. We want to make it easier for you to choose what works for your situation and give you the value you want. The more information you have about the policies, the more you’ll feel comfortable selecting one.

If you’re in the Collierville, TN, area and looking for an umbrella insurance policy, Brock and Poole Insurance Agency is here for you and your coverage needs. Contact us today, and let our agents help you insure the things that matter most.

Historical Evolution of Life Insurance

London’s Amicable Society, founded in 1706, is recognized as the world’s first life insurance company. Their early endeavors were, however, more akin to investment schemes than modern insurance, as policies lacked actuarial principles and relied heavily on social connections. Knowing the evolution of life insurance brings a better understanding of how it works today for our area of Collierville, TN.  

Actuarial Science and Mathematical Foundations

Later, in the 19th century, we witnessed a transformative period for life insurance with the incorporation of actuarial science. Mathematical principles introduce the assessment of risk and calculation of premiums. This era laid the foundation for the actuarial tables integral to modern life insurance underwriting.

Evolution of Policies and Regulatory Frameworks

As the industry matured, various policy types emerged, such as whole life, term life, and endowment policies. Governments recognized the need for regulatory oversight, leading to the establishment of insurance commissions to safeguard policyholders. This regulatory framework provided a stable environment for the industry’s growth.

Globalization and Technological Advancements

In the 20th century, life insurance became a global phenomenon. Advancements in technology-facilitated more efficient underwriting processes and enhanced customer experiences. The industry embraced innovations like online applications and data analytics, streamlining operations and broadening access.

Today’s Life Insurance: A Dynamic Landscape

The historical evolution of life insurance showcases a dynamic journey from communal support systems to a sophisticated, global industry. Rooted in ancient practices, life insurance has adapted and thrived, becoming an indispensable aspect of modern financial planning. It remains the number one financial stability for those left behind after the death of a loved one. 

How Brock and Poole Insurance Agency Can Help You

At Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, we can help answer questions concerning life insurance. We serve the Collierville, TN area. Contact us today.   

Here’s Why You Need Commercial Insurance

Starting a business can undoubtedly be exhilarating. However, as a business owner, you may find yourself and your wealth exposed to serious threats. Fortunately, the right commercial insurance plans can mitigate at least some of the risks. If you live in or near Collierville, TN, and own a business or are considering starting one, contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency to discuss commercial insurance policies.

Businesses Face Myriad Risks

Starting up a company all but inevitably exposes you to some threats. Often, business owners think of risks in terms of competitors in the market, trade secrets, and losing investment resources if an idea goes bust. These risks are important. However, they are not the only threats you may face.

A storm could destroy the physical buildings if you own a restaurant, gas station, or whatever else. Likewise, your business might be targeted by criminals who may destroy your property or steal your money. The right commercial insurance policies may cover some of these events.

Businesses may also be exposed to various liabilities. For example, if a restaurant serves someone food that makes them sick, the business owner could end up in court facing a civil suit. Likewise, the entrepreneur could face a lawsuit if someone falls in the restaurant because an employee mopped the floors but didn’t put up signs. The right business insurance policies may cover some of these events.

Of course, you should speak with an insurance agent to determine what is and is not covered by a specific plan. If there are gaps in your insurance policy, you may be able to fill them in with additional plans or expanded coverage.

Entrepreneurs operating near Collierville, TN should contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency to learn more about commercial insurance coverage.

Can Roommates Each Have a Renter’s Insurance Policy?

Renter’s insurance protects individuals from risks and losses associated with covered events. Renter’s insurance provides liability coverage in addition to coverage for personal property and alternative lodging if necessary. If you would like to learn more about renters insurance, count on Brock and Poole Insurance Agency to provide the residents of Collierville, TN, with quality options.

Renter’s Insurance Coverage 

If you rent a home or an apartment, you’ll need to secure renter’s insurance to protect yourself and others. Sometimes, it may be required to reside at your location. If you have a roommate, you’ll likely need to secure a policy individually rather than share one. Before choosing your renter’s insurance policy, check with your rental agent or office to determine the requirements to live in that space.

To learn more about renters insurance and how it applies to your specific circumstances, our knowledgeable and friendly agents can help you understand more about potential policy options that work for you and how to secure the right policy. 

We can thoroughly explain the terms and conditions of each potential policy to help you understand if it’s the best choice. Once you make a policy selection, we can also assist you with submitting documentation and information to get coverage immediately. If you have any changes to your living Arrangement or need to file a claim, we’ll also offer support.

Reach Out Today 

To get started with your renter’s insurance coverage, contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency. Call or stop by the office to schedule a consultation with one of our insurance agents. We can also answer questions about any other products or services we provide to the residents in and around the Collierville, TN, area.