Is racing covered by motorcycle insurance?

Traditional motorcycle insurance policies do not cover bikes involved in timed events. They sometimes allow owners to ride their motorcycles on racetracks or at instructional events, but motorcycle insurance for racers normally comes through specialty carriers. If you need to sort out your motorcycle insurance coverage and live in or near Collierville, TN, contact our Brock and Poole Insurance Agency team to discuss how to cover yourself and your motorcycle.

Insurance for the Road and Track

Traditional motorcycle insurance is designed for street riders who comply with all relevant traffic laws. Many motorcycle policies have exclusions, meaning the insurance company does not cover damage or liability related to riding recklessly, while committing a crime, or while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. Standard policies also exclude racing from their coverage.

The typical racing exclusion is based on participating in a formal, timed event rather than the location. Many policies cover policyholders who participate in instructional events held at racetracks as long as they do not keep speeds or times.

Those who race motorcycles generally obtain policies from specialty carriers focusing on motorsports or collectible bikes. These insurers offer track-day policies with coverage options related to transporting the bike, damage to your bike, damage to other property, injuries to yourself and others, and numerous other options. Specialty policies are available and require detailed consideration of the options you need and those you qualify for based on your bike, driving record, and other factors.

Insuring Your Motorcycle With Brock and Poole Insurance Agency

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