Who Needs Life Insurance?

With so many different options to choose from, the world of insurance can be tricky to navigate. Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, which serves Collierville, TN, understand that you might not know if you should buy a life insurance policy.

Who exactly is life insurance for? While buying a policy is a personal decision and not a requirement in Tennessee, you will find many reasons to consider life insurance.

Understanding Life Insurance

If you have no experience with life insurance, you first need to know what benefit it can offer. When you pay for life insurance, you pay a premium in exchange for the insurer to pay a death benefit to the individuals you specify in your contract if you pass away. Often, the beneficiary is a spouse, child, or parent.

When Is Buying Life Insurance a Good Idea?

In some instances, buying life insurance is a good idea. For example, you might have a lot of debt you could potentially pass on to your loved ones because they are joint account holders or loan co-signers. You should also consider buying a policy if there are people in your family, like a spouse, disabled relative, or minor child, who rely on your income. Finally, you might consider life insurance if you are a business owner and know that you have employees or partners who rely on you.

When Should You Get Life Insurance?

Every type of policy is different, so it is always smart to consult with an insurance agent before you buy a policy. Younger people may not think they need life insurance, but policies are often more flexible for younger people, so now may be the right time to begin your search.

Are you looking for a life insurance policy? If you live in Collierville, TN, check out Brock and Poole Insurance Agency for more information.

Upgrading Your Commercial Insurance: What Choices are Available

Are you unhappy with your current commercial insurance policy and want an upgrade? If so, please contact us at Brock and Poole Insurance Agency to learn more. We serve Collierville, TN, and will do what we can to ensure that you get the commercial insurance you want and deserve.

When to Upgrade Your Policy 

Your commercial insurance policy is likely good enough to handle most factors of your policy but may be lacking in some areas. This usually happens in a handful of different scenarios. Just a few times when you may want to change your commercial insurance include:

  • After changing or adding locations 
  • When hiring new employees 
  • If you increased your assets 
  • After expanding your service options 

You may also want to upgrade your commercial insurance if your operation goes international or if your success suddenly increases unexpectedly. Doing so will help cover your higher value and ensure that you don’t pay more money to keep your business safe.

Upgrade Options for Commercial Insurance

If you’re interested in enhancing your commercial insurance policy, there are many options available. However, just a few of the most common choices for Tennessee businesses include unique upgrades to their:

  • Umbrella policies
  • Enhanced liability 
  • Business cessation coverage 
  • Relocation insurance 

All of these unique options are worth considering if you’re planning on upgrading your commercial insurance policy. However, make sure to balance your financial needs with that of your business to avoid spending too much cash. 

We Can Help You 

Are you ready to upgrade your commercial insurance in Collierville, TN? Then, please call us today at Brock and Poole Insurance Agency to learn more. Our team will help make sure that you are satisfied with your policy’s coverage and do what we can to ensure you remain happy.

What comes with a home insurance plan?

Anyone that is in the Collierville, TN area will want to consider owning a home. Property owners here can enjoy a lot of advantages including having a stable place to call home and benefiting from price appreciation. Along with choosing a home, you also need to pick a quality home insurance plan. This form of coverage is very important as it can ensure your property is fully covered, and you are properly protected. A home insurance plan includes a few valuable forms of protection.  

Coverage for Dwelling

A form of protection received with any home insurance plan is protection for your dwelling. Even a home that is well-built is susceptible to the risks of fire, weather damage, vandalism, and other risks. When you have a proper home insurance plan, you are going to receive coverage that can help to ensure you have the financial resources to make necessary repairs to your home if it is damaged.

Liability Protection

Property owners will always be taking on some liability risk. Owners can be held liable if their property has an issue that causes damage to another property or if a guest is injured while in their home. Due to this, you will want to know that you have established proper insurance coverage. A full home insurance plan is going to give the coverage necessary to mitigate these risks. 

Those that are looking to purchase any property in the Collierville, TN area will need a full home insurance plan. If you are looking to purchase a property in this area, speaking with the Brock and Poole Insurance Agency is a great idea. The team with the Brock and Poole Insurance Agency can help ensure you understand your options and choose a plan that is ideal for your situation. 

Things to Consider When Getting Auto Insurance

While getting auto insurance is a mandatory requirement for numerous states in the country, not all drivers will know what to look for in their policy. No two insurance policies are created equal, requiring you to have the proper knowledge before buying your preferred cover. Brock And Poole Insurance Agency can help with this, with the following points designed to help Collierville, TN drivers understand what to consider when getting auto insurance.

What Does Your Policy Cover?

Auto insurance offers numerous policy options, with each covering various features. If, for instance, you require coverage dealing with 3rd party bodily injury or property damage, a policy such as liability coverage will be your go-to. Personal injury harm, on the other hand, would be suited to medical payment coverage with other options such as comprehensive cover helping you get compensation for non-collision accidents. Due to these distinct features, make it a point to study each coverage before settling for your plan.

Be on the Lookout for Exclusions

While auto insurance covers numerous hazards that drivers are likely to encounter during their daily commute, it also comes with exclusions. Examples of these include property damage from disasters such as earthquakes and intentional acts of harm. In addition to this, various covers may also not cover roadside assistance and wear and tear during your compensation unless your provider offers add-ons. To get ahead of such inconveniences, be on the lookout for specific situations that fall outside your coverage.

State Guidelines

Different states also require drivers to carry various compulsory policies, with failure to heed these guidelines likely to leave you with penalties. Before adopting any policy, ensure you consider your region’s legal requirements.

Whether you need extra coverage or need first-time coverage to help with your commuting needs within Collierville, TN, get in touch with Brock and Poole Insurance Agency today for auto insurance.

4 Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance in Tennessee

Whether you are traversing the streets of Nashville on your cruise or enjoying a breathtaking long ride through the Great Smoky Mountains, you require utmost peace of mind when it comes to your motorcycle insurance. At Brock and Poole Insurance Agency serving Collierville, TN, and its environs, we comprehend that no two motorcycle riders are similar. As a result, we offer customizable motorcycle insurance to befit your lifestyle and budget. 

Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance in Tennessee

When you purchase motorcycle insurance from us, you will enjoy the below benefits:

Liability protection

If you cause damage to other people’s property after a motorcycle accident, liability coverage reimburses for the resulting costs to cover repairs and other prevailing bills. Most insurance companies give you the liberty to take on different levels of liability coverage. Higher limits can be more expensive, but they are vital to cover you when faced with substantial liabilities. 

Compliance with law

Not only are you required to have the training to ride a motorcycle, but you must carry motorcycle insurance. Under Tennessee insurance law, motorcycle riders must carry bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance. Liability insurance helps you to pay other people’s property damage and physical injuries.

Protection of the asset

Comprehensive and collision coverages cover the replacement of your motorcycle and repair costs if you are involved in an accident or suffer damage or loss from other covered perils like falling objects, fire, vandalism, and theft.

Payment of your medical bills

Bikers face higher accident risks as compared to other motorists. This increased risk culminates in higher injury risks. That said, you need medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage to pay for medical bills for you and your passengers resulting from a motorcycle accident.

Are you searching for motorcycle insurance in Collierville, TN and its environs? Please call or visit us at Brock and Poole Insurance Agency located for a competitive quote.

4 common myths about boat insurance in Collierville, TN

Four common myths about boat insurance in Collierville, TN

Understanding insurance policies is not always easy for most people. That’s why there are lots of myths and misunderstandings in the insurance industry. If you’re a boat owner in Collierville TN, it’s always essential that you understand your insurance policy to avoid making mistakes when filing a claim. If you purchase insurance from Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, you can rest assured to understand your policy much better, and experts here can also help you make informed choices when it comes to boat insurance coverages. Here are four common myths in Collierville, TN, that we thought you should know.

Myth1: Home insurance covers my boat

Part of this myth is true if you own a small non-motor boat. Home insurance offers limited coverage for small boats like canoes when they are stored in your home. Large watercraft like yachts cannot be covered under home insurance. You will need to buy a separate boat insurance policy to provide adequate coverage.

Myth2: Boat insurance will provide protection regardless of where I go boating

Boat insurance often comes with geographic limits. If you take your boat to new waters in a far region or on vacation, your boat may not be covered if anything happens while you’re out there. Always ask your insurer about the areas covered to avoid misunderstandings when filing a claim.

Myth3: Boat insurance is not necessary

You may think that you don’t need boat insurance, but your marina and boat finance lender may require boat insurance. Additionally, remember, just like car accidents, most boat accidents are never anticipated, so take precautions.

Myth4: I will pay more for boat insurance when there is a hurricane

Your boat insurance rates cannot increase because there is a hurricane unless you live in the coastal region— information that your insurance company already has. If your rates were to go up, they would hike from the first day you bought your boat insurance and not when hurricanes hit.

For more information about boat insurance, contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency today!

Who needs motorcycle insurance in Tennessee?

If you live in Collierville, TN, and are looking for a new vehicle option, purchasing a motorcycle is often an ideal option. Those that do own motorcycles here will have a fun way to get around town that is also efficient to drive and operate. As you are purchasing a motorcycle you also need to think about your insurance needs. There are a few reasons why you will need to get a full motorcycle insurance plan when you are here. 

Insurance is Required by the Law

A key reason to get a motorcycle insurance policy when you are here is that it is required by state law. Those that are in the state of Tennessee will need to comply with the state law that mandates that all vehicle owners carry liability insurance. This requirement extends to motorcycle owners. If you are caught driving without liability motorcycle insurance, you will face penalties.

Insurance Protects Motorcycle

You should also get a motorcycle insurance plan because it will protect your motorcycle. Getting a motorcycle takes a big investment and is something that you should aim to protect. The best way to do this is by getting a collision and comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan. This coverage offsets the risk of loss due to a variety of situations including accidental damage or theft. 

Anyone that would like to buy a motorcycle in the Collierville, TN area needs to make sure that they are getting the right insurance coverage. If you are going to buy one of these here, Brock and Poole Insurance Agency can offer you the guidance you need to choose a plan. When you work with the Brock and Poole Insurance Agency you are going to get the support needed to understand your needs and options and then create a plan accordingly. 

Does renter’s insurance cover pet damage to an apartment?

Renting a home is a great option to avoid the burden of a long-term mortgage. However, you still need to protect your property from accidental damage or theft. Brock and Poole Insurance Agency in Collierville, TN, have many terrific renter’s insurance policies you can choose from to protect yourself from the financial burden caused by damage to your property in an apartment or a rented house. But not everything will be covered by renter’s insurance. If you share your home with a pet, make sure you understand what is covered by the policy.

Pets are great companions and provide many hours of pleasure. However, pets can also be destructive. You may have to deal with chewed-up rugs, furniture, or shoes, which may cost a pretty penny to replace. Not to mention if your fur baby bites someone inside your home, you may be looking at having to pay that person’s medical bills. Your renter’s policy most probably will not cover any damage to the property in your home caused by pets. Not even if it is your roommate’s property that is damaged. However, if your dog chews up your neighbor’s carpet that was stored in your apartment for some time or bites someone inside your home, you will be covered under the personal liability part of the policy.

There are, however, some exceptions to the liability coverage. Some insurers may carry certain exclusions to the costs related to legal liability if your dog is deemed an aggressive breed or if you have an exotic pet like a monkey or a snake. They may be excluded from your coverage.  

Brock and Poole Insurance Agency in Collierville, TN, can help you choose a policy that provides sufficient coverage for your needs.

What are the benefits of having umbrella insurance in Tennessee?

In the Collierville, TN area, there are many forms of insurance that will be needed to keep a person properly protected. An important form of insurance coverage to get in this area is umbrella insurance. With an umbrella insurance policy, you are going to have some additional personal liability coverage. This insurance plan will offer a range of benefits. 

Insurance Covers Against Larger Risks

One of the advantages that comes with an umbrella insurance policy is that you will get coverage to offset larger risks. Anyone that ends up getting into an auto accident or has a liability claim on their home policy will have coverage up to the policy limit. However, there is a chance that a claim could exceed this limit. If this is the case, your umbrella insurance policy would give coverage once your other policy is exhausted.

Coverage For Wider Range of Risks

You are also going to enjoy umbrella insurance because it will offer coverage for a wider set of risks. Most people are going to have standard home and auto policies that can cover some more common risks. However, people should be aware that there are other liability claim risks that are outside of the standard covered policies. With an umbrella insurance policy, the blanket coverage will give peace of mind that your risks will be covered.

As you are looking to improve your personal insurance plan, including umbrella insurance is a good idea for anyone in the Collierville, TN area. If you are looking for an umbrella insurance policy here, it would be wise to call Brock and Poole Insurance Agency. The professionals with Brock and Poole Insurance Agency understands the need to have this coverage. They can help you by giving you the guidance needed to choose a quality plan. 

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?

If you’re a motorcycle owner in Collierville, TN, you might spend a lot of time enjoying the freedom that lies just outside your front door. But as great as owning a bike can be, you also have to worry about the inherent risks that come with it. Brock and Poole Insurance Agency wants you to have all the facts if you want to protect your bike from theft. 

Covering Your Bases 

The lightness of a bike just makes a motorcycle so much more attractive than a larger vehicle. If a motorcycle is parked in a relatively out of the way place, the theft process can be quick and easy, giving thieves a relatively straightforward way to either resell or strip the bike for parts. You can get motorcycle insurance to cover theft, but to do so, you’ll need to opt for more than just a general liability policy. 

Why Go the Extra Mile?

You can certainly opt for a number of theft-prevention strategies in Collierville, TN, but the truth is that you can’t eliminate the odds entirely. Adding theft coverage to your motorcycle insurance policy is a way to keep your investment from being whisked away. This might include taking out a comprehensive policy, one that can protect you from a number of other threats, including natural disasters and accidental animal collisions.

If you have questions about whether or not your motorcycle insurance provides enough relief, call Brock and Poole Insurance Agency. We’re here to serve your community however we can, including giving you the options you need to feel confident on the road. Motorcycles are objectively more dangerous than vehicles, if only because they lack four-sided protection.  Contact us today to see what we can do to help you and your vehicle stay safe out there.