4 common myths about boat insurance in Collierville, TN

Four common myths about boat insurance in Collierville, TN

Understanding insurance policies is not always easy for most people. That’s why there are lots of myths and misunderstandings in the insurance industry. If you’re a boat owner in Collierville TN, it’s always essential that you understand your insurance policy to avoid making mistakes when filing a claim. If you purchase insurance from Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, you can rest assured to understand your policy much better, and experts here can also help you make informed choices when it comes to boat insurance coverages. Here are four common myths in Collierville, TN, that we thought you should know.

Myth1: Home insurance covers my boat

Part of this myth is true if you own a small non-motor boat. Home insurance offers limited coverage for small boats like canoes when they are stored in your home. Large watercraft like yachts cannot be covered under home insurance. You will need to buy a separate boat insurance policy to provide adequate coverage.

Myth2: Boat insurance will provide protection regardless of where I go boating

Boat insurance often comes with geographic limits. If you take your boat to new waters in a far region or on vacation, your boat may not be covered if anything happens while you’re out there. Always ask your insurer about the areas covered to avoid misunderstandings when filing a claim.

Myth3: Boat insurance is not necessary

You may think that you don’t need boat insurance, but your marina and boat finance lender may require boat insurance. Additionally, remember, just like car accidents, most boat accidents are never anticipated, so take precautions.

Myth4: I will pay more for boat insurance when there is a hurricane

Your boat insurance rates cannot increase because there is a hurricane unless you live in the coastal region— information that your insurance company already has. If your rates were to go up, they would hike from the first day you bought your boat insurance and not when hurricanes hit.

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