3 Things You May Not Know About Motorcycle Insurance

When you first take out your motorcycle insurance, you may agree to a number of terms and conditions that are a surprise to you when it comes time to file a claim. For those who want to protect themselves in Collierville, TN, here are a few uncommon facts about this type of policy that you may not realize. 

Passenger Liability Clauses 

Some people love the solitude of a motorcycle, especially if they want to take long drives without anyone else’s input. But others like to give family and friends a ride whenever they can. Sometimes the excitement is even more thrilling when someone else shares in it too. But your insurance policy may not cover passengers in the case of an accident, so you need to be careful before you let anyone else hop on. 

There Are Limits on Your Policy 

When it comes to overall liability, there are limits as to how much insurance will pay. So if you happen to have a particularly complicated filed lawsuit against you for an accident, you have to be certain you have enough liability protection to cover your defense. Make sure you know that limits on your coverage and are comfortable with them before anything happens. 

Your Carrier Matters 

Brock and Poole Insurance Agency knows what it is to help motorcycle drivers find the right motorcycle insurance. If you live in Collierville, TN, you owe it to yourself to find a company that will do more than the bare minimum when you need to make heads or tails of your coverage. Whether you’re hopping for a quote or just want to ask a few questions about your policy terms, contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency for more information today.