Do Homeowners Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an additional insurance coverage that exceeds the limits of liability of the current home insurance policy that is in place. There can be several scenarios that may warrant looking into obtaining umbrella insurance. If you are in the process of searching for additional liability protection, you should learn more about the benefits of this type of coverage to help you determine if it is right for you.

Umbrella Coverage

Some instances where umbrella insurance coverage is recommended is, if you babysit in your home, if you host regular meetings at your home, or if you rent out your home to guests. Each person’s situation varies, but if you have visitors to your home regularly, and if there is an element of potential danger or possible liability in the picture, you may want to explore your available umbrella insurance options. Speak with an insurance professional about your situation and they can help you determine your needs. 

Peace of Mind

The umbrella policy will give the policyholder greater peace of mind should a covered event occur. This protection will pay for hospital bills and even pain and suffering. This keeps the homeowner from incurring losses as a result. Your insurance agent can help assess what level of coverage will protect you better now and in the future. If you live near the Collierville, TN area, check out Brock and Poole Insurance Agency. Their knowledgeable agents can work closely with you to give you the options you want and the coverage you need. 

Protecting you and your family from liability is key if you have a situation where there are people present on your property frequently. Call or stop by Brock and Poole Insurance Agency, serving Collierville, TN, to learn more about your needs and options.