Reasons to obtain a separate motorcycle insurance policy

Many people own both a standard automobile and a motorcycle. However, these vehicles are each required to have their own individual coverage and there are some important reasons why motorcycles need their own insurance policy. Businesses such as Brock and Poole Insurance Agency serve the Collierville, TN area with great coverage. 

Is motorcycle insurance necessary?

Tennessee like almost every other state in the country requires all motorcycles to be insured against liability, injuries, and property damage for several thousand dollars. Proof of insurance must also be presented to police during a traffic stop, otherwise, the driver can receive traffic citations or even criminal penalties if they do not have coverage.  As a practical matter, most motorcycle owners will not be able to afford the costs of medical expenses and other costs associated with the accident without the help of insurance coverage. 

How is this different from other auto insurance?

If you have a policy on a car, that policy only protects the specific vehicles listed from losses related to injuries and property damage. This policy does not carry over to a motorcycle as well and an insurance company needs to be contacted to ensure that the motorcycle is covered as well. Motorcycle riders also tend to be at higher risk of severe injuries after accidents due to the smaller size of the vehicle and lack of protections for the driver, so this is factored into policies for bikers as well. 

Get help from an agent and more information

To speak with an agent about getting motorcycle insurance in the Collierville, TN area, contact Brock and Poole Insurance Agency. They will provide advice and guidance about what type of coverage is right for you.