Packing a Family: Tips to Ease the Stress

The stress that comes with the process of buying and selling a home is stress enough but then comes the added pressure of packing a home, especially if you have a family with children. However, with a few tips, in place, packing can be a breeze.

Develop a Plan
Plan ahead and make a list of rooms and items in the home that can be packed first and will not be needed for everyday use.  Wait to pack toys and items in the children’s room until last as this is what will help keep them busy as you pack items in the rooms.

Allow Time for Packing
Once you have a plan in place as to how you plan to pack each room, you can then figure out how much time you will need based on the quantity of items and type of packaging those items will need. Each day, have the children watch a movie or do an activity which will allow for you to have a chunk of time to pack.  

Let the children help
Have older children pack their own items and decide what items or clothing they no longer want.  If they are having a hard time making decisions, give them a limit of how many items, such as 5 large or 10 small items, they must decide to donate or give away.

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